Arriving in Rio

Arriving at GIG – Rio De Janeiro International, I was exhausted. It had been a long journey, and the waiting around for the connecting flight in Amsterdam hadn’t helped either. Luckily, immigration was straight forward, my passport was stamped, and I was given an entry permit, which allowed me 90 days stay in Brazil.

As I exited the airport with my luggage, a small Brazilian woman, sitting behind a plastic screen, beckoned me over, asking where I was going. After giving her the hotels address, she printed me out a ticket, with the price – 130 Real, and pointed to a man who took my bag, and directed me to a waiting taxi.

Checking in at the hotel was something else. None of the staff spoke English, and I didn’t speak Portuguese. However, when I spoke in Spanish, I was surprisingly understood, and luckily for me, I wasn’t out of my depth.

The room in my hotel was surprisingly nice, there was a hot tub, a TV and the food on the menu was relatively cheap. Looking out of my window, the streets looked kind of rough, and the taxi driver had warned me not to venture out alone at night. Given the time, etc… I decided to call it a night, and get some sleep.

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